KidsCUP - SuperLIGA

    KidsCUP - SuperLIGA

    KidsCUP is a professional series of seven tournaments for children up to 10 years of age, which will be played in parallel with the professional Super League games.

    - Super League of tennis is not only the competition of the best players. We also create a space for the development of young talents who may triumph on global courts in a few years. It is important to educate the successors of our best Polish tennis players today - emphasizes Danuta Dmowska-Andrzejuk.

    There is something to fight for. The prize for the winners of the entire series is a place in the KidsCUP Team - a unique team of young talents.

    - The most successful tennis adepts will be provided with 2 years of expert care. This will consist, among other things, in observing their progress, consultations before the most important starts, joint trips to key tournaments or professional advice in the field of leading a young player - lists Artur Bochenek. Using our experience, we want to introduce the youngest Polish tennis players and their parents to the professional world of sport. To provide them with substantive support and support in making the most important decisions - adds the Vice President of the Management Board and the founder of SuperLIGA SA



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