Two finals of FRUTUŚ KidsCUP TEAM competitors

    It was a doubles performance of FRUTUŚ KidsCUP TEAM in Saturday Cup 2022 (Tennis Europe 2). Our players from the beginning of the tournament competed under the watchful eye of Katka Urbanova (head coach) and could count on valuable advice after each subsequent match. The effect of this tournament cooperation is fantastic, both our pairs reached the final games.

    And although the pair Julia Koper - Maria Małecka and Olivier Krupa - Miłosz Szczypka did not raise the cups for winning the first place, we assess their results and work throughout the tournament very positively and promisingly. They consistently implemented the assumptions learned from the trainings and impressed with their preparation. In sport, there can always be only one number one, which does not change the fact that being a finalist of a European rank tournament is in itself an achievement of a high caliber.

    We are happy that our young players are starting to get used to the specific tournament environment - says Alicja Sierzputowska , responsible for FRUTUŚ KidsCUP TEAM. `` At this stage, winning isn't as important as enjoying the game, but we can see that they all come together in a very positive way. This tournament - international, with a high rank - was a difficult training ground, but we can be really satisfied with the attitude of our players, because playing in the final is an excellent result. Soon we will see each other at the first FRUTUŚ KidsCUP TEAM and I am sure that the progress of our players will be visible.

    Olivier Krupa (POL) / Miłosz Szczypka (POL) vs Max Lorincik (SVK) / Tomas Maruscak (SVK) 6-0 6-2
    Olivier Krupa (POL) / Miłosz Szczypka (POL) vs Emil Makiela (POL) / Jan Paradowski (POL) 6-3 6-2
    Olivier Krupa (POL) / Miłosz Szczypka (POL) vs Ignacy Rotko (POL) / Patrik Zeman (CZK) 7-6 (2) 6-3
    Błażej Krzyśko (POL) / Sebastian Tejerina (POL) vs Olivier Krupa (POL) / Miłosz Szczypka (POL) 6-2 6-0

    Julia Koper (POL) / Marysia Małecka (POL) vs BYE
    Julia Koper (POL) / Marysia Małecka (POL) vs Solomia Maria Hryniv (USA) / Maja Sobiesiak (POL) 6-4 6-2
    Julia Koper (POL) / Marysia Małecka (POL) vs Weronika Gnyś (POL) / Alicja Szwed (POL) 6-3 5-7 10-4
    Isabella Angelina Abendroth (GER) / Maja Schweika (GER) vs Julia Koper (POL) / Marysia Małecka (POL) 6 -4 6-1



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