Webinars to help you succeed

    Webinars to help you succeed

    We do not know the date on which the sports competition was invented. Historical records, however, give us a hint that the struggle for success, when physical effort is at stake, takes thousands of years.

    Built muscles, motor skills, daily workouts to connect all the details of our physicality and integrate repetition into it - this is usually a simple, but at the same time difficult recipe for success. And that's it? Not.

    - One of the conditions for achieving sports success is many years of systematic work. It concerns not only the players themselves, but the entire training staff - says Katarzyna Kozikowska , sports psychologist. - They all work on the best possible preparation of a player who at an early stage of development was and is supported by the first and most important teachers, i.e. parents.

    Behind the history of every sports success is usually someone who, without training, puts little less energy into the development of the player than he does during training. Sometimes it is a coach, sometimes a manager, but very often, most often actually - a young man's passion for sports begins with an impulse given by his mother or father. However, the stories are not always the same. - In my work, I notice that parents often differ in their attitudes towards children's participation in sports. Some people are very much involved in shaping attitudes focused on development, learning values, motivation and passion for sport. Others, on the other hand - often very unconsciously - adopt an attitude that makes it difficult to develop a player's potential - says Katarzyna Kozikowska about her research on the subject.

    Kozikowska decided to turn her experiences with the cases she had known into a concrete workshop that would bring opportunities for development. - I have prepared a series of workshops aimed at supporting self-confident, healthy and socially efficient adults in raising children. Together with Frutuś Kids Cup and Lotto SuperLIGA invite you to webinars that will certainly help in collecting useful information on how to work with young athletes and help them in their successful development.

    1. Training is primarily fun
    2. Give your child time to develop
    3. Let him experience failure and talk about mistakes
    4. Listen actively and praise certain behaviors
    5. Provide constructive criticism
    6. Be a positive supporter
    7. Teach independence
    8 Help Set and Achieve Goals
    9. Collaborate With Your Trainer
    10. Avoid Dropping Out Of Sports Prematurely.

    We invite all parents of children from children's and youth age categories (U10 / U12 / U14) to the first meeting with Katarzyna Kozikowska on Saturday, February 26, . We organize both this meeting and the entire cycle for you for free. Before each meeting, we will publish its announcement and a link to the meeting via ZOOM. We encourage you to regular meetings with our expert and active participation in the events.

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